Jonah and Jesus

The story of Jonah is so neat. Obviously, this is just a snapshot of his life. It doesn’t tell us everything about him. But, it’s what God chose to tell us. What’s so neat to me is the way that Jonah is described as essentially the direct antithesis of Jesus. Everything about Jonah’s perception of man and God and the relationship between man and God is the exact opposite of Christ. Thank God for that!

Here are the top five theological markers for Jonah and the “response” from Jesus.

Jonah: God can’t be bothered with this extreme type of evil that the Ninevites were consistently displaying.

Jesus: God can’t be bothered with any evil, including yours. But I’ll take care of it for everyone.

Jonah: Justice means people get what they deserve.

Jesus: You’re right. But I can’t live with that.

Jonah: The Ninevites are too bad for to receive forgiveness.

Jesus: If you knew how badly I wanted for you to be forgiven, then you wouldn’t think this way.

Jonah: It’s not fair to all the good people that they receive forgiveness.

Jesus: What good people? I only see forgiven people.

Jonah: It’s not fair to all the people that they have hurt.

Jesus: You might right. But I want you to see something.


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