Tis the Season

Tis the season for . . .

Eating way too much, long lines at Wal-Mart, losing our religion at Wal-Mart and swearing we won’t do it next year (shopping at Wal-Mart that is),¬†giving our kids gifts from Wal-Mart that they will only play with for a week, eating way too much (oops said that one already), precious time with people that we love dearly, time with people we barely love and setting the same goals that we set this time last year.

Well, maybe that’s not your season. Would you think less of me if I said it was mine? Yes, okay, it was just something I read somewhere. But, here’s my top ten list of things to accomplish – that I can’t afford not to follow through on.

1. Complete a year-long fast from soda. No, I’m serious, I’m done with soda.

2. Actually try to eat healthier. Notice I did say try.

3. Exercise at least three times a week.

4. Pray with my wife at least once a day.

5. Pray with my kids in the mornings before they go to school.

6. Actually be off work when I tell my kids I’m not working.

7. Pray with the sense of desperation that I feel in my heart and in the depths of my soul.

8. Consistently present messages that inform and inspire, not just one or the other.

9. Help lead my Church family to more authentic, purposeful and motivating worship during our Sunday morning assemblies.

10. Help lead my Church family to embrace our Vision, and in the process refuse to accept the status quo.

These are the things in my life that I want to accomplish, and I’m very serious about them. I haven’t put anything on my list that I don’t know that I can make happen. Let me say that in the positive. I will accomplish these objectives. I can’t afford not to. I’m ready to sacrifice in order to make them happen. I’m ready to re-prioritize my life so that these goals receive the necessary amount of attention and resources to make them happen.

What about you? What do you want to accomplish in your life. What changes to you want to make happen? What achievements do you want to experience? Just be sure no to plan for yourself to accomplish anything that you’re not willing to sacrifice for.

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