What’s On the Inside Matters Most

Looking for a decent watermelon is troublesome on the grounds that regardless of how great it looks outwardly, it’s difficult to tell what it’s truly similar to within. We can tap it, pound it and crush it, just to take it home and find that within is not palatable.

On one event when Jesus’ devotees did not wash their hands before eating, the Pharisees turned out to be to a great degree aggravated in light of the fact that it disregarded one of their man-made conventions (Mark 7:1-8). Jesus instantly tested them by saying:

“Great you dismiss the precept of God, that you may keep your custom” (Mark 7:9).

He went so far as to call them “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (Mark 7:6) and clarified that what originates from within an individual is the thing that “pollutes” him, not the a different way (23).

In case we’re not cautious, we can turn out to be so caught up with looking great outwardly, that we overlook what truly tallies. Actually, when we get to where we think “we’ve arrived,” we may wind up plainly glad for ourselves and judgmental toward others. Harboring intensity, sticking to basic states of mind, and having a favorable opinion of ourselves are the sort of debasing things that make us liable of Jesus’ charge of being a “scoundrel.”

The fact of the matter is this current: It’s the things within our heart — our contemplations and states of mind that truly matter to the Lord (cf. 2 Corinthians 10:5; John 4:23-24).